We are able to deliver an array of services with just one phone call.  For you that means; A crew on site weekly inspecting not only the turf but, landscape, irrigation, and any other foreseeable problems before they arise. 

Benefits Of  Working With Capital City Landscapes


  • All Employees are outfitted in company  apparel.

  • Equipment is serviced regularly to ensure  top performance.

  • 2 Million dollar Liability policy.

  • Knowledgeable and trustworthy  employees.

  • Regular communication between site  supervisor and property manager.



Our crew begins by doing a visual inspection of the entire property along with collecting litter.  Followed by mowing, trimming, and power blowing clippings off non-turf surfaces.  Our mowers are equipped with rollers to give your lawn a clean well manicured striped look.

Having your irrigation maintenance and turf maintenance within the same company makes it possible to adjust for unneeded waterings and the ability to forsee problems before they arise.
  • Clear growth from around each head

  • Test controller operation

  • Calibrate run time for spring conditions

  • Check rain sensor operation

  • Identify needed repairs

Capital City Landscape standards specify much more than just turning

your system on in the spring.

Our ten point start-up process includes:

  • Ensure main water supply is on

  • Prime the mainline

  • Verify operation at each zone

  • Adjust for head-to-head coverage

  • Check for leaks




Proper tree and shrub trimming is about maintaining good tree health, aesthetics and, keeping your property and landscape safe from falling tree limbs.  Proper pruning will enhance the beauty of your landscape and compliment the other plantings and the turf area of your property.




You'll love the results of our fertilizer & herbicide program, guaranteed or we'll make any adjustments to ensure your satisfaction.*

* Full year program required.

Our approach to turf care creates greener lawns quickly and with fewer weeds.

We realize that every property is different and all come with their own challenges.  That is why we create a custom fertilizer & weed control program for each and every property.  Using the highest quality slow release granular and liquid weed control will contribute to creating a lush and healthy lawn throughout the growing season. 




Well kept planting beds, pots and, hanging baskets add huge curb appeal for potential customers.  Capital City Landscapes is capable of designing a program to enhance and maintain a colorful image all season long.



Lawn aeration is the secret weapon in creating a lush and healthy lawn. Core Aeration allows water to penetrate down to the root systems of the grass plants, and encourages air movement to the root zone and, limits soil compaction which are both important for overall turf grass health.


A clean parking lot makes an important, positive first impression and can drive business to your store. Well maintained properties are inviting and clean of trash and debris. The life of a parking lot is diminished, when broken glass, wet papers, loose leaves, trash and other debris is left to accumulate. In addition, poorly maintained lots can create safety issues and environmental hazards. Consumers can be intimidated by an unclean parking lot and may think twice about shopping there. 


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